NatVibes Process

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Procurement Of Product

We Source Our Raw material from one of the finest farms in South Karnataka, India. Utmost care is taken in the selection process as we do not compromise on the quality one bit.


The raw material is cleansed throughly with fresh water. No chemicals are used throught the manufacturing process to preserve the natural essence of the product.

Machine Shapping

We transfer the raw materials to our plant in Gowribidanur, where it is processed and pressed as desired to the exact shape requirement.


The excess edges are trimmed manually so that the plate looks and is perfect to the curvature or edge required.


Post shaping, the product is given a final washing with fresh water again to clear out any impurity or foreign material atop the surface of the product.


The final product is heat sterilised in a known environment by means of heat.

Packaging and Boxing

The product is wrapped and stacked in carton boxes in the warehouse in absolute hygienic conditions. The labour involved are professional and skilled.


As the product is 100% natural and bio-degradable, it does zero harm to the environment and is taken in by mother earth without a hassle.

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people say

Promote Your Environment

Way to go Natvibes, beautiful products. All my cutlery needs sorted at a single marketplace.

I have started using the products at home and these products are microwave-safe.

All my clients satisfied with the cutlery. The variety in size and shape is what has got my business needs fulfilled.

With promoting environmental friendly products, I see a very big scope for the company in the days to come.